Windsor Group



Windsor Group knows to fit the right candidate for each type of scaffolding. We know all types of material from Layher and Cuplock till Tube-Lock.

All scaffolders from Windsor alle fully equipped with all needed PBM’s and Tools and the right fall protection.

Insulation Mechanics

Windsor group have insulators for every type of insulation. We deliver professionals for Wool, Plate, Hot or cold insulation.

All our professionals are fully equipped for every type of job.


Logistic & Production

Windsor Group have a lot of experience in logistic and production. So for every type of work we can find the right match. The strong point from Windsor is that we can scale up very fast with a lot of workers and we are also motivated to help you reach your targets.

Horticulture Agricultural

One of the partners from Windsor Group have been working his whole life in the Agri culture sector. Because of his love for this sector we have more then 200 dedicated professionals working in just 1 year. We started this branch in 2022 and we are happy that we are one of the Employment agencies that exactly knows what our clients wants.

Construction Workers

Windsor Group have a lot of good professionals working in the construction profession. If you are looking for high end carpenters, bricklayers or other professions related to construction works you can count on the Windsor Group.

IT & Software Developers

For this special business we have been developing an very interesting business model so we are using already more then 80 employees from India. We are specialized in working remote or we even can bring them legal to Holland or any other EU country.

Profesional Cleaners

Windsor Group have a lot of dedicated persons working in cleaning industrie. If you are looking for cleaners for your jobs you can count on us.

Shipbuild Industrie

Windsor Group have been working in Germany and Norway already on a lot of different types of ships. We are ready now with our professionals to extend these service to Holland and Belgium.

Windsor can deliver the candidates for the casco like welders and fitters but also we can find the interieur carpenters for your ship.

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